Choral Resources

    • Every Note has a listing of music that can be downloaded from the web. It appears that one must buy the music but it could be a nice resource to get music quickly
    • Classic Cat is a directory of free classical music made available by the performers, sorted by composer and work
    • Soli Deo Gloria is an organization that wishes to encourage sacred music. The site contains information and musical clips about music they have commissioned and other music links.
    • The choral music public domain library As of now (May 2001) you have to transfer to another page to make use of the library — but you can access things okay using the given address
    • A Music Theory Guide, including eartrainers (using Macromedia Flash plugin), from the Paul Lindblad Choristers
    • Aids to singing different intervals (added to 2-July-1999)
    • Ecclesiastical Latin Pronunciation guide from the Una Voce association
    • A German pronunciation guide written by Bonnie Yelverton, Oberlin College ’65
    • A Hebrew pronounciation guide.
    • Midi versions of choral music for practice can be very useful. Note that these are done by volunteers and there are differences in the midis on different sites. Grandpapa is the Silvis site and still the largest. Instructions and info for using midis can be found here. You can of course play them simply with a player like Quicktime.
    • Silvis Woodshed
    • Classical Archives
    • John Hooper’s midi site
    • Noteworthy Composer. The latter also can download files so that you can see the music as the midi plays. They also have normal Midi.
    • Cyberbass

where one can also purchase CDs.

  • Song Learning sells rehearsal CDs.
  • Vocalist, an international mailing list for singers and singing teachers.
  • ChoralNet provides a linkage to choral resources and a list of choral groups.
  • Other Musical Resources

  • Music bookmark list
  • The Best Shows in Chicago A fairly complete list of all venues and shows for the Chicagoland area. Except for the Wentz, it contains a pretty complete list of venues from which to choose.
  • Handel Home page Everything you ever wanted to know about George Frideric Handel.