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Join Us – New Members

This page is intended for those who are considering joining or have just recently joined the Naperville Chorus. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us at

The Naperville Chorus welcomes members who are ardent about improving their musical ability, regardless of level of experience. Successful members will possess the following qualities:

  • Commitment to excellence in performance
  • Enthusiasm for learning and improving
  • Dedication to the enjoyment of vocal music

Please read through our membership requirements below before filling out our Request to Join Now Form!

Our general rule is that we only accept new singers during the first three rehearsals of any given session. At the director’s discretion, there may be exceptions.

What are the membership requirements?

  • Membership in the Chorus is open to all who are interested in the aims and purposes of the organization, subject to existing vacancies.
  • New members may be required to participate in a vocal hearing/assessment, based on an assigned piece performed ensemble.
  • Previous choral experience is helpful, but not required.
  • Members must be able to match pitch, blend with other voices, and accept direction; skill in reading music is desirable.
  • Membership is subject to payment of dues.
  • Membership shall be accepted through the 3rd (third) rehearsal of each term provided there are openings in the desired section.
  • All members are expected to comply with rehearsal requirements, concert dress codes and call times. After three rehearsal absences in one semester, a member must speak to the director about continuing participation.
  • All members are expected to grow as musicians, learning how to listen and analyze their sound in relationship to other singers, and to seek assistance and/or guidance as appropriate.
  • All members are encouraged to participate in one or more activities of the chorus, which could include ticket and advertising sales, committee work, community outreach, fund raising, special events/workshops, and social activities.

When and where does the Chorus rehearse?

We rehearse on Monday evenings at 7:30pm at the Wentz Concert Hall on the campus of North Central College in Naperville (click here for map). Our rehearsals generally last until 9:30pm and consist of a 15 minute warm-up and a short break at around 8:30pm.

On the week of a concert there will be a dress rehearsal, generally on Friday evening before the concert (we don’t actually “dress” in concert attire). This rehearsal generally starts earlier in the evening than normal rehearsals and may extend past 9:30pm.

When does the Chorus “season” start?

We generally have two concerts a year – a Fall or “Holiday” concert in December and a Spring concert in April or May. Occasionally we add a 3rd concert depending on circumstances.

The Fall concert session typically starts on the first (non-holiday) Monday in September and the Spring concert session starts on the first (non-holiday) Monday in January. These are just guidlines for when a new season starts; please check the calendar to confirm these dates. The first rehearsal of each session includes official sign-up for the session and payment of fees so members should arrive early – generally around 7:00pm.

What does it cost to sing with the Chorus?

There is a modest session fee for singing with the chorus – currently $40 ($70 per family). Singers under 30 receive a 50% discount. Each member is also responsible for paying for his/her own music.

What do we wear when we perform?

Concert attire for men generally consists of a black tux or suit (dark suit if you don’t own a black one) and a black bow tie. Women are required to purchase a uniform black top to be worn with a long black skirt or slacks for concert wear. The uniform top may be ordered by early October at a cost of $35. There are exceptions depending on the concert content and sometimes there are costumes involved for some when we perform pieces from musicals or operas.

Anything else I need to know?

Depending on the music we’re performing we often use black music folders to keep it organized.

Here are a couple sources:

Where do I find out about exceptions to any of this information?

Once you’re a member, you will have access to our Members Page. That link is at the top right on our website and you will find updates on all member related information for a given session.

I’ve decided to join – where do I sign up?

Click here and fill out our sign-up form. Someone will get back to you before the next session starts or if early in a session, within a couple of days. If you don’t hear back within a week, please follow up with an email to