Our Sponsors

The Naperville Chorus is funded by member dues, grants, ticket sales, program ads and business and individual sponsors. Businesses support us through program ads or through monetary or service contributions. We would like to thank the following business sponsors for their support during the current choral season. We hope that you will consider patronizing them to show your appreciation for supporting our programs. Click here for more information on becoming a corporate sponsor.

We are grateful to the following organizations that support our work:

North Central College - North Central College is a place that believes in you and is willing to invest in your future. We're one of the best comprehensive liberal arts colleges in America, a place where people know your name and are committed to your intellectual, social and spiritual growth.
The Special Events and Cultural Amenities Fund of Naperville - The City of Naperville encourages celebrations of community that focus on the heritage, diversity, and character of Naperville. In support of these activities, the City of Naperville established the Special Events & Cultural Amenities (SECA) Fund in 2004 as “a separate fund used solely for the funding of social and artistic events and entities, providing cultural experiences for the Naperville community and its visitors.”
The Illinois Arts Council - For over 30 years the Illinois Arts Council (IAC) has been instrumental in supporting Illinois' highly acclaimed and diverse cultural community. Thousands of partnerships throughout our history have helped to maintain the highest standards of excellence in the arts while expanding the accessibility of this artistic wealth to children and adults in every corner of the state. The IAC recognizes and supports not-for-profit arts organizations, community programs, schools, universities and individual creative artists through grant programs, technical assistance, workshops and special initiatives every year.
The DuPage Foundation - The DuPage Foundation is DuPage County's philanthropic leader. We help area residents and organizations realize their unique charitable goals, provide impactful support to our community's not-for-profits and foster key partnerships to address critical issues affecting our community and help raise the quality of life throughout DuPage County.
Our media sponsor WDCB - WDCB 90.9 FM was founded as a 5,000-watt station in late 1977, and its original format was a mix of classical, educational, and news programming. Jazz programming was introduced in the early 1980s and became the primary format by the end of the decade. Since then, WDCB's format has expanded to include roots rock, bluegrass, Celtic, folk, blues, new-age, acid jazz, Afro-Cuban jazz, big band, world music and old-time radio shows, though straight-ahead jazz makes up about 75% of its music programming.