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Information for Members

This page is for you, the members of the Naperville Chorus. Check back here frequently in case you missed an announcement at rehearsal.

Our most current Membership Information document can be read by clicking here: Naperville Chorus Member Information Sheet.

Our current Naperville Chorus By-Laws, Approved May 1, 2017, are available here: Naperville Chorus By-Laws My 1, 2017.

Our current membership roster is available here: Naperville Chorus Member Listing. Note the list only consists of members who have approved of having their name published in this password protected page. Please read the information at the top of the page when you arrive.

Member Updates

Do you have pictures?
- posted December 4, 2017

If you have pictures from the recent holiday concert, please forward them to Wes Ague at Please send the full resolution image. I’m particularly looking for possible replacements for a couple of the home page revolving images so full orchestra and chorus pics. However, send other pics as well and we’ll start using our Image Gallery page.

Future Concert Dates
- posted April 8, 2017

Visit our Calendar page to see our schedule through Spring of 2018.

General Member Info

Membership Cost

Membership (singers) per concert session is $40 for an individual and $70 per couples. Individual singers under 30 receive a 50% discount. This does not include music purchase which will be announced under Member Updates prior to each session.

Rehearsal Aids

As we find rehearsal aids for a current concert, they will be provided on our “practice” page at There are several other websites that are useful for finding additional rehearsal information for an piece. Check out our Choral Resources page.

On Concert Day

  • Concert Dress – Women: Unless otherwise noted under Announcements, women will wear the Chorus’ uniform blouse purchased at time of enrollment along with black skirts or pants. Skirts or pants cannot be velvet, made of a see-through fabric, nor have sequins or beading. Skirts can be no shorter then ¾ length, and pants ankle length. Black shoes are to be worn.
  • Concert Dress – Men: Unless otherwise noted under Announcements, black tux or black suit, white shirt and black bow tie.
  • All: No large or flashy jewelry and no fragrance – including scented hair spray.
  • Music Folders: Unless otherwise indicated, black folders are used for every concert.

Need a music folder?

Here are a couple sources:

CD order forms

Our concerts are recorded and CDs are produced for Chorus members who have pre-ordered them. Bruce Bell takes orders and payments for CDs. Contact Bruce at for questions about CD orders.

Rehearsal absence notification

If you know you will miss a rehearsal, the director would like to know ahead of time if at all possible. Please send an e-mail to to let him know.

Wentz Concert Hall

Click here for a map.