Program Notes

Misa Criolla – Ramirez

Misa Criolla

Written by contemporary (1921- )Argentinian composer,Ariel Ramírez, the Misa Criolla is unique in that it combines the rhythms and traditions of Hispanic America with the traditional religious mass. Composed in 1963, this popular choral work incorporates a variety of Argentinian folk styles ranging from the lively dance,”carnavalito”, for the Gloria to the obsessing and almost exasperating rhythm of the “chacerera trunca” for the Credo portion. The Agnus Dei and Kyrie take on the “pampas” style;intimate, tender and solemn,while the Sanctus features the “carnaval cochabambino,” a beautiful Bolivian folk rhythm.

First performed by the popular South American quartet, Los Fronterizos, the Misa Criolla received widespread critical acclaim. This famous folk mass is an extraordinary choral work that once again conveys the religious mass through a popular medium of expression.