Program Notes



A Christmas Cantata based on Early American Hymns

Alice Parker is probably best known to followers of choral music as the person who arranged music for many of the works performed by the Robert Shaw chorus. Many of those arrangements are now standard arrangements for choruses all over the world.

She is a composer in her own right. Her work consists of operas, twenty-three cantatas, including “The Day Spring”, song cycles, works for chorus and full orchestra and chamber music. Born in Boston, Ms. Parker graduated from Smith College and the Juilliard School of Music. As a conductor and teacher, she travels extensively, performing her own works and the choral masterworks with college, university, community and church groups.

“The Day Spring” is based on a number of early American hymns, many by the well- known composer Isaac Watts. The work was written for children’s choir, adult choir and flute and keyboard.

I. Overture
II. Chorus: Sons of Men
III. Recit: There Behold the Day-Spring
IV. Chorus:

Robert Osing