What are the membership requirements?

  • Membership in the Chorus is open to all who are interested in the aims and purposes of the organization, subject to existing vacancies.
  • New members may be required to participate in a vocal hearing/assessment, based on an assigned piece performed ensemble.
  • Previous choral experience is helpful, but not required.
  • Members must be able to match pitch, blend with other voices, and accept direction; skill in reading music is desirable.
  • Membership is subject to payment of dues.
  • Membership shall be accepted through the 3rd (third) rehearsal of each term provided there are openings in the desired section.
  • All members are expected to comply with rehearsal requirements, concert dress codes and call times. After three rehearsal absences in one semester, a member must speak to the director about continuing participation.
  • All members are expected to grow as musicians, learning how to listen and analyze their sound in relationship to other singers, and to seek assistance and/or guidance as appropriate.
  • All members are encouraged to participate in one or more activities of the chorus, which could include ticket and advertising sales, committee work, community outreach, fund raising, special events/workshops, and social activities.