Naperville Chorus

Note, all files are mp3 files. They were created from 22 khz mono files using the Lame converter at 64 khz bitrate (and thus are not high fidelity). They were made from digital recordings either by R/J Recording or CDJ Recording and are from live concerts with the spontaneity and the imperfections that such recordings give.

  • Music that the Naperville Chorus has presented that you may not have heard
    • Aeterna Fac from the Dvorak Te Deum (April 2003 concert 1.5 Mbytes)
    • Movement 1 of Daniel Pinkham's Christmas Cantata (1.7 Mbyte)
    • The Philistines movement from Psalms of David by Robert Hanson (details in the notes). Baritone soloist is Paul Grizzell (8:21 minutes, 3.8 Mbytes)
    • Psalm 46, a declamatory motet by Ann McKinley in memory of Dan Shanower (details in program notes). Elissa Williams and Michael Eikleberry soloists(9:23 minutes, 4.3 Mbytes)
  • music from the Naperville Chamber Singers
    • The Brook by McDowell (1.0 Mbyte)
    • A piece by Sue Ambler of the Naperville Chorus -- Sing We Noel
    • Blind Man arr. by Frank Bohnhorst -- Naperville Chamber Singers (3:10 1.4 Mbytes)
    • This We Know by David L. Brunner -- Naperville Chamber Singers (4:45 min, 2.1 Mbytes)